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Elizabeth Gonzalez Mathews is based in Los Angles, CA but goes wherever need be. She graduated from Art Center College of Design where she earned her BFA with honors in Photography and Imaging. Elizabeth also has a degree and background in business but when realizing it was stifling her creative voice she then decided to pursue her passion for photography. She loves to bring her sense of whimsy to her set through her art direction, styling, photography and editing. Her work is vibrant, happy and full of life. With a strong attention to detail she combines specific color palettes, lighting, a wide array of props, food and models  to create highly stylized, narrative images and animations.

She loves for her photos to have a timeless quality, half in the past but firmly rooted in the present. This is how she tells her story.


A note to my clients and potential clients.

As I look around I can’t help but see a great division and anger brewing amongst many people. For numerous reasons but mostly over a Social and political divide.  As I have my own views I wish to never impose them on anyone and am in the habit of being able to agree to disagree and kindly move on. So with stating this it is my personal policy to remain neutral in all work asked of me. I chose not to lean in any one direction and will not take part in any work for clients pertaining to social movements, social issues or politics. I ask of you to kindly respect my views as I respect others, because I will not compromise.

March 2020


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